New Listing! This is a 2022 Yamaha Venture Royale rs venture tf for sale snowmobile. It comes with a new factory clutch assembly and new throttle cable. The engine has a light tune up including spark plugs and points. The swivel seat is in good shape with no leaks.

The Yamaha Venture Royale is a two-person snowmobile manufactured by Yamaha Motor Company. It was designed to be an all-around vehicle, allowing the operator and passenger to enjoy both cross-country excursions as well as backcountry riding.

This year the venture will deliver even more comfort and fun! With the focus on value, Yamaha has created a snowmobile that is ready for the trails and the trails ready for you. The new Venture offers enhancements in every category, from performance to yamaha venture price comfort and convenience.

The ability to deliver best-in-class performance and comfort in a single package has never been easier than it is with this superb sled.  The rs venture tf for sale at cheap price

  • Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCCT)
    The electronically controlled throttle valves system delivers next level-performance, control and efficiency. The system serves up three user-selectable performance modes: S (Sport) Mode for maximum performance, T (Touring) Mode for smooth low and mid-range response and improved fuel efficiency and E (Entry) Mode for predictable acceleration, reduced top speed and optimal fuel economy.
  • Electric Power Steering
    Yamaha was the first manufacturer to offer Electric Power Steering to the snowmobile industry. The velocity sensing system delivers maximum assistance at slow speeds to nearly zero assistance and high speeds. Aside from dramatically reducing steering effort, the system reduces negative feedback, helping isolate the driver from unwanted steering input fed back from the trail.
  • Tuner II Skis
    Developed exclusively by Yamaha engineers, the Tuner II Skis incorporate a dual keel design that calibrates various runners and carbide lengths for rider preference. The Tuner II Ski dramatically reduces darting and steering effort while retaining predictable and sharp handling characteristics.
  • Adjustable Passenger Seat
    The backrest is full adjustable. With a simple lever release, the entire backrest moves forward or backward for either solo or two-up riding. An additional rotational adjustment for the rear cushion further enhances comfort with flexible height and heated passenger grips.
  • Integrated Hardtop Storage Trunk
    An oversized, 7-gallon rear storage trunk features a hardcover lid that is seamlessly integrated into the overall finish and a weather-resistant gasket to keep both snow and moisture at bay.

The Yamaha Venture is a great snowmobile for a beginner to intermediate rider. The 2.4-liter four-stroke engine has a powerband that makes it easy for new riders to operate and also gives experienced riders plenty of power. Like other ATVs, this one can be used on trails or in the sandbox. 2022 yamaha venture for sale


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