FNM 30HPE 270 Inboard Marine Engine



New FNM 30HPE 270 Inboard Marine EnginenFNM 30HPE engine is conceived according best-seller F1C platform requirements. The engine uses a common-rail fuel injection system controlled by an electronic control unit developed in house, especially made for it. The result is a high power-to-displacement ratio unit.

Technical characteristics Engine block and head

* Cylinder block made of cast-iro* Cylinder head made of aluminiumn* 4-valve per cylinder technology with hydraulic lash adjustersn* Double overhead camshaftsn* Automotive-class availability of service and partsn* Metal chain gear

Engine mounting

* Flexible engine mounting

Lubrication system

* Easily replaceable oil filter, on top of enginen* Easily to inspect or replace oil separator, on top of enginen* Double oil vapour filter technologyn* Integrated cooler with engine’s coolant

Fuel system

* Common rail fuel injection systemn* CMD proprietary ECUn* Fuel filter with water separator and alarm

Air inlet and exhaust system

* Commercial-grade air filtern* Oil vapours vented into inlet airn* Exhaust elbow or raiser depending on applicatio* Coolant-cooled turbochargern* Raw-water cooled intercooler

Cooling system

* Thermostatically regulated freshwater coolingn* Thermal unit that integrates exhaust manifold, thermostat, tubular heat exchanger and expansion tankn* Easily accessible seawater impeller pump

Electrical system

* 12V standard two-pole electrical systemn* 12V-2,3kW startern* Alternator 12V-110An* Emergency stop button on engine’s ECUn* CANBUS Panel with 8m extension and digital display of engine data

FNM 30HPE Specifications:

maximum power : 198,5 kW, 270 HP4100 rpmnmaximum torque : 530 Nm, 2300 rpmnCylinder : 4 in linenDisplacement : 2.934 ccnBore stroke : 95,8 x 104 mmnDry weight : 320 kgnCooling down : WaternCombustion : Common rail direct injectioAspiration : Supercharged and intercoolednEmissions : RCD stage 2nDimension : 753 (H) x 730 (L) x 750


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