Craftsman CM4.80 Marine Diesel Engine



New Craftsman CM4.80 Marine Diesel Engine

n* Quiet ruing with less vibrations due to a specially designed flywheel.n* Seawater resistant cast exhaust bend, providing a long and efficient service life.n* Supplied with oil suction pump.n* Fitted with electric fuel lift pump.n* Based on a Hyundai industrial engine, proven world-wide and with an equally world-wide support.n* Air intake with noise reducing properties.

Craftsman CM4.80 Marine Diesel Engine Specifications:

Basic Engine : HyundainCylinders : 4 In LinenCylinder Capacity : 2.607 cm³nPower : 59 kW / 80 hpnMax. Engine Speed : 4.000 rpmnMax. Torque : 175 NmnAspiration : NaturalnAlternator : 110 A / 12 VnCooling System : Intercooling, With Heat ExchangernFlexible Engine Mounts : CM Type 7nCalorifier Coection : StandardnExhaust Diameter : ø76 mmnElectronic Protection : 10 A Circuit BreakernStop Solenoid : Energized To RuMax. Installation Angle : 15° (Backwards)nWeight : 235 kg


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