MerCruiser BRAVO ONE Sterndrive




The MerCruiser BRAVO ONE Sterndrive family of drives delivers superior performance with best-in-class shifting. Its exclusive performance torpedo design and dual water pickups allow for speeds topping the century mark, with exceptional handling at high and low speeds. A trim-limit switch sets your drive angle for maximum performance every time, and a greaseable drive coupler allows for quick and easy service without removing the drive unit.When we say Bravo, we’re talking power. The Bravo One line of single, twin and triple drive applications features an exclusive performance-torpedo design and a deeper skeg that expands the rudder area, increasing steering response and manoeurvrability at high and low speeds.Dual water pickups make these drives ideal for boats capable of reaching a blistering 100mph and for petrol engines delivering up to 600hp.Bravo One drives features best-in-class shifting, whir s trim-limit switch sets the drive angle for consistent maximum performance. The greaseable drive coupler makes service quick and easy without removing the drive unit.


Maximum Power Capacity : 400 HP (295 kW)nLower Unit Design : Performance TorpedonMaximum Propeller Diameter : 1 X 16″nWater Inlet Location : DWP – Torpedo and StrutnClutch Type : High-Strength Smooth-Shift Cone Clutch with F-N-RnAvailable Gear Ratios : 1.36, 1.50, 1.65:1nCounter-Rotation : StandardnUpper Unit Gear Set : Precision Shimmed Assembly with Near-Net Forged Helical GearsnLower Unit Gear Set : Precision Shimmed Assembly Forged Bevel Gears with Twin Counter Rotating Propshafts for Bravo ThreenPropshaft Material : Heat-Treated Stainless SteelnStandard Exhaust Outlet : Through PropellernRequired Propeller Hub : Flo-Torq II HubnRecommended Lubricant : Mercury High-Performance Gear LubenMonitoring System : Engine-Mounted Lube Monitor w/Audio Warning or Engine Guardian®nCorrosion Warranty : 3-Year, LimitednHousing Construction : Corrosion Resistant XK 360 Aluminum Low-Copper AlloynCorrosion Protection : Tri-Paint, Anodes & MerCathode® Electronic Corrosion PreventioAnode Type : Ultra-Pure Aluminum Anodes or Magnesium Anode KitnSpeedometer Pick-up : Integrated Into Lower Housing, Digital Output OptionalnSteering System : Single Cylinder Power Steering with Anti-FeedbacknSteering Range : 56° Range Stop to Stop, Digital Output OptionalnU-Joint Type : Permalube® Virtually Maintenance-FreenPower Trim System : Twin-Cylinder Hydraulic Featuring Power Trim XD® Kick-up ReturTypical Trim Range : -5° to 11°nTrim Limit Switch : Adjustable Limit Analog or Digital – Engine DependantnTrailer Limit : 46°nTrim Hinge Pin Design : Permanently Lubricated – No Maintenance RequirednHydraulic Trim Lines : Stainless Steel Braided ArmornDrive Coupler : Greaseable From Inside BoatnDrive Weight : 125 lbs. (57 kg)


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