2014 LEHR 9.9 HP LP9.9S 4-Stroke Outboard Motor



2014 LEHR 9.9 HP LP9.9S 4-Stroke Outboard Motor

Applying LEHR’s technology to a marine solution is both timely and critical for our planet and its water supply. The EPA and CARB set strict new standards for gasoline marine engines and especially fuel systems in order to reduce the amount of gas fumes, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and smog-forming pollutants. Propane has long been recognized as a “green” energy source that reduces emissions, protects the environment and reduces dependence on foreign oil. Through the use of propane fuel, LEHR has found a cost effective way to reduce emissions and associated health risks which will improve the marine environment all over the world.

2014 LEHR 9.9 HP LP9.9S 4-Stroke Outboard Motor

Standard Features

  •     Propane Power 4 Stroke Engine Design
  •     Clean, efficient, eco friendly propane power.
  •     Twist ‘n Go Fueling (LP2.5 & LP5.0)
  •     Remote Fuel Tank Capability
  •     Electric Start Models (LP9.9 & LP15)
  •     Shallow Water Drive
  •     Tiller Handle with Twist Grip Throttle
  •     Precise throttle control and steering
  •     Throttle Friction Adjustment
  •     Steering Friction Adjustment
  •     Auto Reverse Lock
  •     Easy Starting
  •     Lightweight Compact Design
  •     Stainless Steel Drive, Shift & Prop Shafts
  •     Emergency Stop Lanyard


2014 LEHR 9.9 HP LP9.9S 4-Stroke Outboard Motor


  • Engine Type: Propane Power 4 Stroke
  • Cylinders: 2
  • Displacement: 212 cc (12.94 cubic inches)
  • Horsepower: 9.9 hp
  • Engine Stroke: 4-Stroke
  • Propulsion Type: Propeller
  • Shaft Length: 15
  • Outboard Steering Control: Tiller
  • Starting: Rope (manual)

2014 LEHR 9.9 HP LP9.9S 4-Stroke Outboard Motor

1 X Outboard Motor

1 X Outboard Tiller Handle

1 X Fuel Tank

1 X Quick Connect Fuel Line tilt switch

1 x Teleflex SL3 Throttle control Top or side Mount  + Free Installation Universal Cables

1 X Outboard Warranty Card from manufacturer Valid 5 Years Depending on outboard type

1 X Standart Aluminum Propeller Depending on outboard Brands , type & Horse power.

1 X Trim limiter

3 X Gall Free Oil Depending on outboard Brands Yamalube, Honda Marine Oil, Mercury Premium Oil

1 X Stainless Outboard Anti-Theft

1 X Book Owner’s Manual Guide from manufacturer

1 X Ebook Installation Guide & And how to take care of the engine properly.

3 X Cable Protection System Length 800mm